Insulating Glass Blinds

IG Manufacturing Capabilities

Delivering Your Edge In Glass

With INTIGRAL, you engineer your insulated glass supply chain exactly how you want. We offer three closely integrated sourcing programs to fit your preferences.

With each of the three sourcing approaches, you gain:

Three Integrated Ways To Source Insulating Glass


Continue to fabricate in your facility the insulating glass units you make best. Source the rest from INTIGRAL.

You immediately expand your insulating glass configuration to millions of possibilities and position yourself for agile response to new product trends.


We deliver the insulating glass you need sequenced for your production daily or by shift with custom remake cycles.

You focus on assembling and marketing windows and doors while reducing fixed costs.


Tighten supply lines and reduce infrastructure costs by letting us run your glass department in your building.

You free up cash and management resources. Your glass fabrication stays on site. You get complete access to all the insulating glass possibilities from our other facilities to supply your total requirements.

How to Get Started

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