Insulating Glass Blinds

About Us

We are innovating, integrating, insulating glass.

It is what we have done since 1987.
It i what we love.
It is who we are.

At INTIGRAL, we are a company of innovation with a deliberate pursuit of excellence.  We are focused on bringing the best in quality and innovation for insulating glass units and everything of value that we can place between the glass.

Our History

A sign that is on the grass in front of some power lines.Founded in 1987, INTIGRAL has long been the leader in manufacturing insulating glass units for the window and door
industry. Our founders, Dick Dietrich, and Edmund Leopold are well-known for game-changing insulating glass innovations since they joined forces in 1974. A few of their innovations include:

At INTIGRAL, we continue to pursue this same entrepreneurship and creativity in everything we do. While there are many manufacturing options, or purchasing insulating glass units, we believe that NO one is better positioned to PARTNER with you then INTIGRAL.

We are the nation’s largest independent IGU manufacturer. We can utilize the strengths of multiple manufacturers of glass, spacer & sealant to give you the BEST insulating glass units in the industry. We have the freedom to continuously identify, source, and deliver the best in technology & products available to the marketplace.

Industry Innovators

A street sign on the side of a road.Innovation is another part of our heritage. The same innovation that has driven our founders has continued at INTIGRAL today with the announcement in 2016 of our new BLINDS between the glass division. After years of research and testing, Intigral introduced our patented Innovia system to the window and door market – all while building a state-of-the-art facility to produce our blinds between the glass in Twinsburg, OH. We are confident that our blind meets our criteria of being the BEST! Our blinds are continuously tested in the harshest environments, and they continue to operate for over 290,000 cycles (ANSI blind between the glass life-cycle estimate is only 3,750).

In conjunction with our own, Innovia blinds between the glass, in 2016 Intigral also became partners with Pellini Industries, becoming the ONLY USA-certified manufacturer of ScreenLine blinds between the glass. ScreenLine has long been the world leader in blinds between the glass and shades between the glass and INTIGRAL is proud to Introduce the ScreenLine family of products to the US in 2017 with our commitment to manufacturing every product we sell in our manufacturing facilities in the USA.

30 years of innovation

From insulating glass to blinds, learn more about INTIGRAL: