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Innovia Blinds

Innovia 750

Convenient for end users and smart for manufacturers, Innovia Blinds inside the IGU delivers true innovation and consistent performance.

A window with blinds on the outside of it.

More About Innovia 750

Blinds remain virtually dust-free in a sealed insulating glass unit. Lift and tilt blinds with a single operator. Self-leveling along with patented lower-gear anchor self-tightens during normal operations. Compliments your entire window product family.

Key Features

  • Rigorous testing: 290,000+ cycles Industry standard: 3,500 cycles
  • Cycle Slam Testing WDMA 7-14 and AAMA 920-11
  • Listed in the 2015 Complex Glazing Guide 6.0
  • Assembled in America


Please contact our sales team to learn details of Innovia’s sizes.

Manufacturer Specifications

If you are an existing customer of Intigral, you can find our quality specifications under the customer portal section of our website. If you are a new customer, please fill out our form and we will be in contact with you shortly to provide specifications.

How to Get Started

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