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Hurricane Impact-Resistant Glass

Hurricane Impact-Resistant glass is designed to help maintain a home’s structural integrity. Strong winds, such as those in a hurricane, tornado or strong thunderstorm, can throw objects into windows and doors causing them to break. The increased pressure inside the home during hurricanes and tornados can cause the roof to blow off or walls blow out. Hurricane Impact-Resistant glass uses at least one laminated glass pane in the construction of the unit. The laminated glass pane consists of two layers of glass bonded together with an interlayer of various types between them. In the event of breakage, the laminate holds the glass in place even if broken in the window or door. The window or doors are developed and tested as a system with the hurricane impact-resistant glass to meet code requirements.

What are the benefits?

Where Is It Used? 

Hurricane Impact-Resistant Glass became a requirement first in Miami-Dade County in Florida. Since then it has been adopted or looked at in all coastal areas from Texas to Maine. It is also being used more in tornado prone areas of the Midwest like Tornado Alley. Many homeowners that are looking for the additional safety and security have used this technology in the construction of their homes.

What options can I have?

With Hurricane Impact-Resistant glass, you can still get great features such as blinds between glass, v-groove glass and interior muntins. Both Innovia and ScreenLine products are available with hurricane impact-resistant glass. Customize the size and shape, along with having the same options as other insulating glass units.

Want to know more?

Contact us to find out more about Hurricane Impact-Resistant Glass for your window and door products. If you are a homeowner, contact us to find a Hurricane Impact-Resistant glass window and door company in your area.

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Hurricane Impact-Resistant Glass in Miami-Dade County